Windows of our Souls 32x24 by DaveAM
Full Body Dancing 48x24 by DaveAM
The Clown 20x15 by DaveAM
Red and Blue 18x24 by DaveAM
Sick 18x15 by DaveAM
Untitled Pair 18x12 by DaveAM
The Lost Ruby 32x24 by DaveAM
An unnamed peace 27x24 by DaveAM
Consistent Craziness 21x17  by DaveAM
Jalapeno Man 32x24 by DaveAM
Zebra Sun 12x12
Portal 27x24 by DaveAM
Melting Mountain 27x24 by DaveAM
The Lost Ruby 32x24 by DaveAM
Whats going on in my mind 44x24 by DaveAM
Unnamed Alien 27x24 by DaveAM
Wide is the gate 24x27 by DaveAM

Emotional Landscapes


Leaving the military after two decades and reintegrating into civilian life can be difficult, even traumatic, for some veterans. Even though I had heard all the warnings in the transition briefings I received before leaving, I was overconfident my transition would be a piece of cake. 

And it was... until it wasn't.

I didn't struggle with leaving the military per se; that part was a breeze. What I did struggle with was the feeling of no longer having a purpose. I tried to cope by keeping myself occupied by putting together a small workshop in my garage and I started making wood boxes. I experimented with how I wanted to finish the boxes, using different wood and different variations of color. The best part was my mind was free to wander and flow during these times of solitude, lost in my craft and in my thoughts.  This time of introspection revealed two things: a wonderful rabbit hole of awareness and personal enlightenment that helped me sort out my conflicted feelings and some very cool boxes. The layers of paint and the natural variations in the wood, brought out by hours of sanding, revealed a beautiful and unique look. The effect of the sanded layers of paint on wood was a wonderful surprise to me. It was a natural progression to wall art using this new found technique. Abstract art is oftentimes a product of the process an artist uses to achieve therapeutic effects creating the art provides. True for me, the process of creating my art affords opportunities to think and chances to meditate. 

I hope you enjoy the results!

Same size unstretched canvas prints of the original art pieces are available. Smaller or larger sizes also available, prices vary. A portion of the proceeds are donated to Local Roots Ashland and Team Rubicon.

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